Shivani P: I have been following Mack for about a year on Instagram and something about her and her readings always make me feel calm. I can truly say that this was the best thing I decided to do! The Solar Year Reading Mack did for me mentioned so many things that are on my mind along with things I knew were going to be coming up this next year. She explained everything so well and I am so so happy I contacted her. If you are considering getting a reading from Mack - I promise you that you won't regret it! Thank you Mack for being so sweet and amazing! You are THE BEST!

Megan D: Mackenzie did my personal birth chart reading and a synastry reading for me & my boyfriend, and she absolutely nailed both of them! Aside from everything being creepily dead-on accurate, her readings were also incredibly helpful in terms of hearing about where my/our shortcomings are, so they can be used as a jumping-off point for working on personal growth. I'm pretty much a novice in the astrological ways of the world, and Mackenzie found a really wonderful way to explain the intricate workings of birth charts and synastry in a way that was very understandable for beginners. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves! Thanks, Mackenzie!!! <3

Wyatt S: This was my first time doing a reading with Mackenzie, and I was blown away! She was great at explaining everything in a clear and concise way, as well as elaborate on the areas and relationships that I had questions about. She spotted things in my chart that she wanted to specifically ask me in my reading, and I was impressed at how accurate she was in her descriptions of those exact relationships and goals with the importance they hold to my life. I feel like she is absolutely worth what you'll spend for a reading, and she will help you to navigate the complicated pathways that life sets out for us with very clear guidelines. Give her a chance to help you help yourself!

Joan M: Mack was SO on point with my chart reading. I've never had a reading before and her services were actually gifted to me by my best friends who knew that I've wanted one for a while. First off can we just talk about how SOOTHING Mack's voice is? She could tell me that the universe will implode and I'd be like, "Hmm really tell me more" lol. She made the reading accessible via email and I was able to download the audio and visual to review as many times as I need to. Through her reading, I learned new things about myself and confirmed some things that I was unsure of. There were some things about me and my personality that I didn't think of as assets until Mack re-framed them in the grand scheme of it all. Overall, I truly felt validated and honored and I thank you Mack so much for sharing your gift and passion.

Amy T: My birth chart reading from Mackenzie was truly amazing. Everything she said felt so spot on for me personally, and it was so much more in depth and informative than I’d anticipated. I have such a better understanding now of why I am the way I am, and what the common under currents are that fuel both my day to day and the larger patterns throughout my life. I feel so supercharged with all of these new insights and I am so excited for my next reading!!

Lizz D: Receiving my Birth Chart Reading from Mackenzie was a wonderful experience. Mackenzie has such a calming, confident energy that really comes through her work. She is experienced but humble, and you don't feel totally loss in terminology or like things are going over your head while she reads your chart. I highly recommend receiving a birth chart reading and I plan to explore the other services Mackenzie provides. Not only is the reading understandable and super interesting, she sends you a recording and you can refer back to it FOREVER! So grateful for Mackenzie using her gift in a powerful, supportive way and making it accessible to everybody.

Stacie A: I just finished listening to Mackenzie's reading and I am overwhelmed (in the best way possible) with how spot on it was. I am not sure what I was expecting beforehand, but it is exactly what I needed to hear. It felt very personable to my life, and had mentioned a lot of things that I knew were true, but re-hearing them gave me the re-evaluation I needed. WOW! I am still in awe from hearing it. Mackenzie is clearly VERY knowledgable in this field, and has a very soothing voice that makes it so easy to listen to. She breaks down each category that it is very easy to follow. I won this reading from a giveaway Mackenzie was so generous in giving, but I will definitely be back for more readings when I can. I feel thankful that I have this birth chart now to use as a tool to help shape the path of my life. Thank you again!!!

Andrea H: Mackenzie is a gift from the universe. Her readings were so spot on, they left my body and mind in a constant feeling of awe. Everything she said gave me validation to what I’ve been going through as well as how I’ve been feeling. Thanks to Mackenzie, I have a much clearer idea on what’s going on and how to deal with the current transits.

Kayla D: I am so pleased with the reading I had with Mackenzie. With the information and guidance Mackenzie provided, I was gifted increased confidence, deep insight, and reassurances for aspects of myself I was aware of yet still did not fully understand. I feel astrology is not only a fun but an incredibly healing modality. Mackenzie has an amazing ability to enlighten us about what may lie in the dark of our subconscious, and in so doing, with lightness and humour, she helps us bring these aspects to light and guide us in the direction to greater healing and favourable evolution. 

Christie F: Mackenzie is the best. She puts all the astrological elements and aspects into terms that anyone (beginner to semi familiar with astrology) can understand. She read my birth chart and I related to everything so much. I also loved how she lets you keep the copy of the chart and transit chart as well as a recording of your meeting. I am actually currently re-listening to my recording. I will definitely hit her up for a year ahead reading around my birthday. She's a pisces moon so she gets my emotional draw to this. Love, love, love it!

Tori R: Mackenzie has a whimsical and accurate way of speaking astrology, which is what initially drew me to her.  I had been wanting a reading done for a long time and I'm so happy it was done with her. This year was brutal for me so I was elated to find out about the Solar Return reading. I was unfamiliar with this type of reading but Mackenzie explained everything fluidly. I am amazed with the clarity as to where I am, and the trajectory I'm headed towards. I know it's natural to resist growth if it's uncomfortable and Mackenzie was able to gift me with a larger perspective of what's happening to me. I am hooked and am planning on getting my entire chart read very soon. Thanks Mackenzie!!

Matt K: I received a natal chart recording from Mack earlier this year and was completely floored at how accurate it was. She knew nothing about me other than my first name and the time/date/location of my birth. Fast forward to a couple of months ago and an abrupt breakup and I asked her to do a “what the f*#k is going on in my life” reading. Yet again she was spot on. That reading helped in holding myself accountable for things that contributed to the breakup, working through past trauma, and seeing how other people’s experiences/traumas came into play. It really helped in my growing as a person. Regardless of whether you “believe” in astrology Mack has a knack for helping people take a closer look at themselves and their nature. She does it in language that is easy to understand for those who know nothing of astrology as well as those in the know. Thank you Mack. I will be contacting you soon to get perspective on the present and future.

Meghan G: I have been following Mackenzie on instagram for some time now, and I am always looking forward to her astrological insights. I was the very lucky winner of her birth chart reading giveaway! Now, I have had natal chart readings in the past but none that have resonated with me like Mackenzie's. Some of her observations were so spot on specific, they gave me chills! I love how knowledgeable she is but explains things in such a down to earth way. If you're considering getting a reading, I would highly recommend going for it. She's awesome!

Marissa D: Mackenzie has analyzed my astrological chart and provided valuable explanations of specific transits to me on several occasions. I call on her when I need some guidance or simply feel a little unsure. She has a special insight into how the stars influence the energy and events of our everyday lives. I find that after I receive a planetary report from Mack I am better prepared to deal with the potential happenings of the day/upcoming weeks. I also notice a heightened awareness of my own actions & reactions; plus a better outlook overall due to the knowledge and understanding gained from her readings. I am entering into my Saturn Return this year and the beginning was very confusing and tumultuous. Mackenzie sent me an extremely thorough and detailed report on how this planetary event might have me feeling (she was spot on), what I could expect, and where to focus my energy. If you want to make the most of your days or just need a little guidance, look into astrology and reach out to Mack. Her style is a perfect combo of scientific and mystical and has helped me a lot on this journey we call life.

Anne B:   I have been following Mackenzie's insights and guidance on Instagram for quite some time with great interest and pleasure. So when Mackenzie was ready to do personal readings as well, I could not wait to get my personal reading! I was astonished about her insight and the way she puts it forward. Mackenzie doesn't know me in person at all and still everything she saw in my reading resonated so well with me. I was very moved by her way of presenting her perspectives (by sound file - works really well!), and I learned so many things about myself and my life situation. She is SO talented, and well articulated - aiming for the stars! Go for it!

Roseann F: I have been getting astrology readings from Mackenzie Greer for years. One thing that I appreciate with her readings, is the fluidity and openness she has in how they pertain to your own life. Her readings aren't rigid and she has a way of looking at things that give you a better understanding of what's going on without feeling like anything is set in stone. She takes her craft extremely seriously and is constantly taking on new challenges and studies to help her readings be even more accurate. A true astrologer who moves with the times. The beauty in her writing is just a perk for how great a grasp she has on this art.

James A: I used to work with Mackenzie and she was (still is) an awesome person. She had talked about her dive into astrology and it sounded intriguing. Jump ahead a few years, I saw her readings in various publications and it got me interested. I’m a skeptic by nature, but I’m also intrigued by things outside my realm of knowledge. I reached out and she did an amazing birth chart reading for me. She did the whole thing as an audio recording which was perfect because it let me listen to it a few times at my own pace. She also sent along an image of my birth chart with it. I would highly recommend Mackenzie if you are at all interested. I will always be a skeptic (about pretty much everything), but I am so glad that she did this for me because it provided a lot to think about. Thanks Mackenzie!!

Nicole G: Mackenzie has been doing astrology readings for me for a few years now and I have always deeply trusted her words. She is so kind and compassionate, and her delivery is gentle and thoughtful. However, she is also incredibly knowledgeable so you know everything she is sharing is based on solid research and dedication. Her passion for the work is obvious which I have seen as I’ve watched her continuously study and gain knowledge in the field. She recently did a synastry chart reading for my partner and I, and it was incredibly insightful. It helped me to see how both of us effect each other in relationship, and also helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the foundation of my partner’s personality. Mackenzie is incredibly smart and talented, and it is clear that this is her calling!

Lila H: Mackenzie is the most insightful amazing astrologer!! I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and will absolutely be back for another!! I’ve spoken with lots of astrologers over the years and Mackenzie is amazing!!! She is thorough and analytical and provides a multifaceted reading. Really excellent!!

Brittany Q: Mackenzie Greer’s astrological insights have added an enhanced level of clarity and understanding to my life and overall wellbeing. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, astrology shines a holistic light on the internal and external factors that influence our ever-evolving world. Mackenzie’s astrological insights, especially a birth chart analysis, add a new perspective to understanding our feelings and reactions to the cosmic events that shape every aspect of our lives: relationships, friendships, business, health, success, our daily habits, and lifelong tendencies.  Mackenzie’s invaluable interpretation of your birth chart adds a deeper level of understanding into who we are, why we do what we do, and our existential positioning within the universe. Since being enlightened to this astrological knowledge, I am now better able to make decisions that will yield to more favorable outcomes given the current astrological forecast, and the benefits reach far beyond predicting the next Mercury retrograde. I would highly recommend seeking Mackenzie’s specialized insight interpreting the stars that shape our universe and our unique position among them.


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