Readings and Rates :

birth chart :

This is an hour long consultation in which I break down the core elements of your birth chart. In the 60 minutes of chart analysis I’ll examine the fundamental building blocks of your chart and discuss the reoccurring themes and patterns that arise. I explore one's mental and verbal bent, relationship orientation, and inner strengths and inhibitions just to name a few. If there is something specific you're interested in knowing more about yourself, please feel free to let me know and I can hone in on that particular theme. I send you the recording to download and keep so you can revisit it as you please.

Birth Chart Reading: 125$

Half and Half:

Are you more curious about the current energy in your life and less about your birth chart information? In this hour long consultation, I spend 30 minutes doing chart analysis and 30 minutes looking at the current transits happening in your life. You’ll get less in-depth information that the full hour long birth chart reading provides, but you’ll have just enough so that you have a grasp of your roots. It’s important to have some idea of your birth chart so you can better understand what the current themes arising at this time are hinting at in your evolution. In the last 30 minutes I’ll dive into where the planets are most effecting where you are today, so you can hone in on that energy and work with the cosmos, rather than against them!

Half and Half Reading: 125$

wtf is going

on in my life :

This reading is only available to those clients who have previously purchased a birth chart reading.

This is a 45 minute consultation regarding strong present trends and themes that are being activated in the chart at the current moment. Having already gone over your natal chart, I can hone in on the story that the current transits are telling. This reading is intended to provide concise clarity on your current situation in life, highlighting the themes that are most relevant, so that you can work in step with the planets instead of fighting them. If you have a question about something particular to your current situation, you’re welcome to ask me to explore that theme more in-depth.

WTF Is Going On In My Life Reading: 100$



This is a 45 minute stand-alone consultation in which I use the ancient method of solar return charts to unlock the trends of your year ahead. Every year around your birthday, the sun returns to the exact degree it was on the day that you were born. When it does reach that exact degree, the chart for that moment becomes a chart that you live in tandem with for the entire year ahead. You’ll experience different rising signs, moon signs, house emphasis, and aspects for the whole year until your next birthday when you get a brand new one! Thats not to say that your birth chart becomes irrelevant or overtaken, this is more like a guiding chart that makes you more aware of where your focus and energy will be best spent for the year ahead. Important: Ideally this is the reading for you if you’re approaching your birthday or your birthday has just passed (by two months on either side) because this chart renews every year at your birthday. Thus you don’t want to book it if you’re more than half way through a birth year.

Year Ahead Solar Return Reading: 100$


RElationship dynamics :

This is a 90 minute reading that explores the relationship dynamics between you and your partner with their permission. Curious about discovering the inner workings of both your love nature and your partners? This is the reading for you! The first 30 minutes of this reading will explore your personal relationship + love needs, the following 30 will explore your partners, and the final 30 minutes will explore how the two of you interact and exchange energy between each other. This reading can help you better understand your own relationship needs as well as learn about your partners.

Synastry Relationship Dynamics: 175$